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So, my parents came to visit this past weekend, and it was great.  They wanted to see our new home and get a feel for how our lives were going here.  And, my dad said that if he didn’t gain at least five pounds during the trip, he’d be disappointed, so I did my part by finding the best local food I could.

I think they had a good time.  We visited Rockport, ate as much food as we could stand, and watched the Steelers and Crimson Tide barely squeak out their respective wins.  After I left them at the airport this morning (at 4:30 am), I drove away, realizing how much I would miss them.

It was so refreshing to have them here.  They understand me.  They come from where I come from, but it’s more than mere geography.  They understand me when I talk, but it’s more than recognizing my words.  They get my jokes, or at least they laugh anyway, perhaps appreciating that only I would think of that.  They accept me.  They love me, with a love that is unique, a love that children only understand when they’re grown.  Having one of my own on the way, I can understand.  I understand their desire to protect me, their desire to provide for me, their desire to see me succeed, because I feel all those things as well-about my wife and our child, yet unborn.  I understand them, and I appreciate them so much more.


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