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The last few weeks have been thoroughly detrimental to my fitness.  Too much work to do for school has resulted in no gym time and stress-induced chow sessions.

My exercise and diet commitment level was quite good until the last several weeks, so I’m confident it could easily be restored to normal after this phase of work is complete.  However, just to be sure, I’m going to put it in writing here.  Since Jessica, Kaden, and I will be out of town through New Year’s Day anyway, I’m going to wait until then to begin officially, but I’m already trying to ramp up my running schedule (that doesn’t require the time commitment as going to the gym).

Starting in January, I’m committing to three days a week at the gym and some kind of running program to be determined.

Side note: I have confessed in multiple conversations lately that I am not committed enough to running to get out in the ferocious winter weather of Massachusetts.  I also hate to run indoors (treadmills and indoor tracks).  Part of what I love about running is the existential experience of myself alone with my thoughts in the outdoors.  After reflecting on these statements, I have challenged myself to destroy that part of myself.  I perceive it as undisciplined and lazy, and I don’t like it at all.  Therefore, through the winter I am going to maintain whatever running schedule I choose.


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