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I read an article on Yahoo! today about a recent summit of conservatives, and I couldn’t help but notice the glaring inconsistency of one of the speakers.

Towards the end of the article, the author, Patricia Zengerle, writes:

Romney was followed to the stage by Bryan Fischer, a director of the American Family Association, known for inflammatory remarks against homosexuality and ‘non-Christian religions,’ which he has said include Mormonism.  ‘The next president of the United States needs to be a man…of sincere authentic genuine Christian faith,’ he said, in a jab at Romney.  Fischer said the next U.S. president must deny evolution, stop government assistance for the poor…[emphasis mine]

Obviously, this summit was attended by Republican voters and Presidential hopefuls, and this typically goes hand in hand with smaller government (i.e. less government assistance for the poor).

However, this creates a problem: while Fischer certainly seems to see the ideal United States government as some sort of theocracy with a strong believer as President, he insists that part of this leader’s program must include the cessation of government assistance for the poor.

I defy Mr. Fischer to demonstrate from Scripture how “a man of…sincere authentic genuine Christian faith,” who oversees his ideal Christian nation, could possibly maintain the purity of his faith while eliminating aid for his poverty-stricken subjects.  Christianity is a religion of intense compassion for the “have-nots,” and the “haves” always shoulder the burden of providing for others in a spirit of generosity.

Now I would agree with Mr. Fischer that some of these programs should be eliminated in order to control the deficit.  However, I disagree that we must necessarily elect his ideal President to remain faithful Christians.  The United States government is not a Christian institution and has no need of becoming one.  I would rather elect a competent President, who happened to be Mormon (not an endorsement for Romney) than a Christian who was incapable as a leader.

Is it important to provide for the poor and afflicted in our midst?  Absolutely! However, this is to be the work of the Church.  Demonstrating the love of God for the world is part of our responsibility as ambassadors of Christ, and this includes providing for unmet social needs in the world.

The Church must step up to be the body of Christ in the world rather than continue to play power-politics in order to establish some sort of Christian dominionism.  The Kingdom of God will certainly come to Earth in full force, but I promise it will not come through the staunch anti-evolutionism or anti-homosexual policies of some misguided “Christian” President.  It will come through Jesus Christ.


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